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Motivated by the difficulty of finding accurate information about Cordoba in English we decided to create Travelcordoba.com, the first website specialized in tours and all kinds of activities in Cordoba.

This idea arose when Inés, Rafael and I (Javier), graduates of the University of Tourism in Cordoba, met for dinner. While we enjoyed a few beers and tapas in one of our favorite taverns, we began to talk about the tourist sector in our city. Very quickly, we realized something was wrong. It was really difficult to find decent information in English about Cordoba. So we decided to remedy that situation.


TravelCordoba.com is the first website specialized exclusively in sightseeing tours and city attractions in Cordoba. 

Specializing in a destination is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of effort and dedication. However, this specialization allows us to always offer the best options to our clients.

Unlike large online agencies, our small team is made up of local experts who enjoy sharing their passion for Cordoba and its fascinating history.

Another of our strengths is that all the activities and sightseeing tours have been hand-selected by our team of experts. To select the tours and activities we follow very strict guidelines. We take into consideration aspects such as tour operator, prices, and reviews on the main platforms (Tripadvisor, Viator, Google). In other words, we do not use algorithms to show you the most profitable tours.

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