How to Travel to Cordoba

In recent years Cordoba has developed a remarkable transportation infrastructure and has become one of the best connected cities in Andalusia. 

All these infrastructure improvements have allowed the city to boost business and tourism. 

How to get to Cordoba by train

Train is, undoubtedly, the best and quickest way to get to Cordoba.

When the Spanish government decided to build the High Speed Train (1992) from Madrid to Seville via Cordoba, the city experienced exponential economic growth. Until then, the only way to get to Cordoba was by a very slow train (6 hours from Madrid to Cordoba) or by car after a five hour drive from Madrid.

Since 1992, the Spanish government has invested large amounts of money into creating one of the best and fastest railway networks in Europe.

High-speed train Madrid-Cordoba
High Speed Train (AVE) | Image credit:

How to get to Cordoba by High Speed Train

In Spain, there are several high-speed train companies. These companies operate high-speed rail services across the country, connecting major cities. 

These high speed trains can reach more than 300km /h (200 miles per hour). 

The railway companies that operate in Cordoba are: 

  • Renfe: the state-owned railway company in Spain and operates the majority of the high-speed train services
  • Avlo: budget-friendly high-speed train service in Spain, operated by Renfe
  • Iryo: this company is a joint venture between Trenitalia (Italian state railway operator), Globalia and Air Nostrum

Depending on the railway company, they offer varying levels of service, including amenities such as free Wi-Fi, dining cars where you can have a drink or buy a sandwich, or more comfortable seating options. Of course, all of these conveniences are reflected in the ticket price 😉.

Madrid- Cordoba High-speed train AVE
High Speed Train Interior | Image credit:

Punctuality is other of the key features of these trains. High-speed trains in Spain are renowned for their exceptional on-time performance, adhering closely to published schedules.

This reliability is a result of advanced infrastructure, precise scheduling, and efficient operations

Length of journey to Cordoba (high-speed train):

Madrid- Cordoba: 1 hour 45 minutes

Cordoba- Seville: 40 minutes

Cordoba- Malaga: 1 hour

Cordoba-Granada: 1 hour 30 min

Cordoba- Barcelona: 4 hours 50 minutes

AVE High speed train Madrid- Cordoba
High Speed Train Interior | Image credit:

Besides high speed trains, there are also cheaper trains that connect Cordoba with other important cities such as Cadiz or Huelva.

Cordoba Train Station is one of the most crowded in Andalusia (3 million passengers per year), due in large part to the lack of airport. 

Although it is a ridiculously small train station, it boasts modern facilities, including newsstands, gourmet shops, and a cafeteria, among others.

Travel Madrid-Cordoba by high speed train AVE
During your train trip you will enjoy the traditional Andalusian landscape with olive trees and Mediterranean forest | Image credit:

After your train trip, if you need to catch a bus to visit some of the wonderful villages in the province of Cordoba, you will find the bus station right in front of the train station. 

Useful Links:

  • RENFE: Spain’s National Railway Company. Unfortunately it is a not very intuitive website and sometimes it rejects credit cards issued abroad.

  • Omio: This website (translated into multiple languages) allows you to compare prices and schedules between train and bus companies. 

How to get to Cordoba by bus

Bus is without a doubt the cheapest option, especially if we compare it with the train  

Generally, bus companies in Spain have modern fleets that pass rigorous security checks. Besides, all buses have air conditioning, ample legroom and even Wi-Fi access. Thanks to all this, traveling by bus in Spain is a wonderful experience.

Cordoba Bus Station
Cordoba Bus Station | Image credit:
How to get to Cordoba- Bus Station 2
Platforms of the Cordoba bus station | Image credit:

Cordoba Bus Station, built in 1999, is situated in front of the Train Station, making pretty easy any transfer between train and bus and vice versa.

Socibus is the main bus company operating in Cordoba and connects Madrid with Cordoba for a price about €20- €30 (one-way ticket). If you need to go from Cordoba directly to the Airport in Madrid, you can select “Barajas Airport” when buying your tickets. Socibus has a stop at Terminal 1 of Barajas Airport in Madrid.

Other destinations you can travel to by bus from Cordoba are: Barcelona, Cádiz, Bilbao, Benidorm, Málaga, Seville or Granada

Where to buy bus tickets

To buy your bus tickets to Cordoba and compare prices and schedules we recommend you visit

How to get to Cordoba- Bus Station
Cordoba Bus Station (ticket offices) | Image credit:

How to get to Cordoba by car

Spain has a radial highway design whose epicenter is located in Madrid. The vast majority of these highways are free unlike other European countries. Generally highways in Spain are in a very good state of preservation and are completely safe.

The main access to Cordoba is the A4 Highway, also known as Andalusia Highway, which connects the center of Spain (Madrid) with Andalusia.

Another important access is the Highway N-432 which connects the cities of Badajoz and Granada, via Cordoba.

Time of journey by car:

-Madrid: A4 Highway. Duration of trip: 4 hours.

-Seville: A4 Highway. Duration of trip: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

-Malaga: N-331 Highway. Duration of trip: 2 hours.

Distances from Cordoba to other Spanish cities

  • Almería 360 km. (223 miles)
  • Cádiz 263 km. (163 miles)
  • Granada 201 km. (124,9 miles)
  • Huelva 236 km. (146 miles)
  • Jaén 107 km. (66,5 miles)
  • Málaga 159 km. (98 miles)
  • Sevilla 142 km. (88 miles)
  • Madrid 399 km. (247 miles)
  • Barcelona 878 km. (545 miles)
  • Valencia 520 km. (323 miles)
  • Badajoz 265 km. (164 miles)
  • Ciudad Real 184 km. (114.3 miles)

How to get to Cordoba by plane

Unfortunately, Cordoba does not have an airport with commercial flights. However, you have two international airports very close: Seville and Malaga.

The proliferation of low-cost airlines makes fly surprisingly cheap. For example, if you are thinking of traveling to Cordoba from Barcelona, sometimes it is cheaper to take a plane to Seville and then a bus to Cordoba than the direct high-speed train to Cordoba from Barcelona. 

From Seville airport there are buses that connect directly with Cordoba. Price: approximately €15 / Duration of the trip: 2 hours. 

IMPORTANT! Unfortunately, the frequency of buses between Seville airport and Cordoba is not very high. So we recommend you book in advance (

Alternatively, you can take a train from Seville to Cordoba which takes 45 minutes.