Food Guide Cordoba

Spanish cuisine is part of the Mediterranean Diet, which is extremely healthy, since it helps regulate cholesterol levels and is a major factor in the high life expectancy enjoyed in Spain (more than eighty years).

In the specific case of Andalucia, the local cuisine is based mainly on vegetables, fresh fish and fruit. The main reason for this is the weather: due to summer heat people need to replenish water and minerals so they eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

In addition, Spain, together with Portugal, is one of the largest consumers of fish in the world, more than forty kilos of fish per person per year, and Andalusia is no exception to the rule. The variety of fish and seafood is endless: japutas, gilt-head bream, rosada, prawn, swordfish, tuna, salmon, trout, hake, cod, etc.

The abundance of fish and vegetables in Andalusian cuisine, it does not mean that you cannot find excellent meats and cold cuts; you cannot leave Cordoba without trying the delicious Iberian ham from Los Pedroches or the lamb from the north of the province of Cordoba.

Cordoba Dining Guide

Spaniards take food seriously, and each region has its peculiarities: local products, culinary traditions, drink customs, etc. Therefore, we want to share with you this complete guide to enjoy the best restaurants and taverns in Cordoba.

Feel the local spirit for a day with our Cordoba dining guide!

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Opening Times Cordoba

Meal times in Spain may seem strange, but it is part of that culture that makes Spain such a special place. Meals last about 1 hour, including a cup of coffee and sobremesa (period after a heavy meal when Spaniards chat and realx with friends, coworkers or family). 

On weekdays the locals usually eat between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm It is really difficult to find a restaurant open before 1:00 p.m., except for fast casual restaurant chains.

On weekends the opening times are extended even more and the kitchen of the restaurants remain open until approximately 4:00 p.m.

As for the dinner hours, the Spanish fill the restaurants between 9:30 pm and 11:00 pm.

Tapas Time in Spain

In Spain any time of the day is a great time to enjoy tapas and celebrate; Spain is a food lover’s paradise. However, between the locals and the bars there seems to be an unspoken pact. So, we recommend you stick to the traditional times for tapas to get a genuine experience.

Around 1 p.m. locals crowd their way into the best tapas bars in Cordoba. In the evening, tapas bars begin to open around 8 p.m.

Restaurant Prices in Cordoba

Avoid embarrassing situations and check the average prices before entering a restaurant. Restaurants must place outdoors menu boards where you can check the prices of each dish. Take a look!

Eating out in Cordoba is not especially expensive. On average you can eat in a good restaurant for 20-30€. If you are looking for a upscaled restaurant and a 5-star service, you will spend around 50-60€.

Menu del Día” is a great option to save some money on your trip to Spain. Some restaurants offer a limited choice of dishes, drink (beer, wine or a soda), and dessert or coffee at a fixed price (approximately 10-15€). There is no cheaper way to eat in Spain. A word of caution!Menu del día” is only available from Monday to Friday during lunch. Ask the waiter if they offer “Menu del día”.

Almost all the restaurants and bars in Cordoba accept credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and American Express are the most common.

Tapas Prices in Cordoba

Unlike cities like Granada, where bars usually offer a free tapa with the drink, this does not happen as often in Cordoba. You will find blackboards or menus on tables with tapas lists and their prices.

Tapas range from €2-5. You must bear in mind that tapas are small bites designed to be consumed individually.

However, we Spaniards love shared dishes!! We call them “Raciones” (portions to be shared by 3-4 persons) which range from €8-15. There is also “media ración” (portions to be shared by 2-3 persons) which range from €5-10. 

Booking a table in a restaurant in Cordoba

Normally there is no need to book a table in advance. But on weekends the city is full of tourists and might be a bit tricky to find a table in a restaurant.

If you want to book a table, just give the restaurant a call few hours before. Restaurants located in the tourist center speak a decent English. Take a look at our vocabulary list below! 

If you prefer, your hotel receptionist can make the reservation for you.

In recent years, online reservations, and Apps to book from your smartphone are getting more and more popular in Spain. One of the most visited websites in Spain to reserve a table is

Etiquette in Cordoba

Generally, there is no dress code, no matter how exclusive the restaurant is.

Restaurants are accustomed to tourists and their casual clothes. Even if you are one of those tourists who wear shorts and socks with sandals 🙂 You will be very welcome at any restaurant.

Taxes & Tips in restaurants

VAT on food in restaurants is 10% and must be included in the price and clearly shown.

Tips are not mandatory. Generally, people do not leave tips in Spain. If you are happy with the service, 5%-10% will be well received by the waiter.

Restaurant Vocabulary

Despite being one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, Spaniards have a noticeably low level of English.

Don’t panic! In tourist places, hotels, restaurants speak some English.

However, you might need some vocabulary to survive and make you sound like a local.

Restaurant Items

  • Table: mesa
  • Spoon: cuchara
  • Knife: cuchillo
  • Fork: tenedor
  • Napkin: servilleta
  • Glass: vaso
  • Tablecloth: mantel
  • Plate: plato

Meal Terms

  • Starter: entrante
  • Main dish: plato principal
  • Dessert: postre
  • Chef recommeded: recomendación de la casa

Degree of Doneness

  • Raw: crudo
  • Rare: poco hecho
  • Medium: en su punto
  • Well done: muy hecho

Billing Terms

  • Bring the check: traer la cuenta
  • To pay: pagar
  • Cash: efectivo
  • Credit card: tarjeta de crédito
  • Tip: propina