Best Restaurants in Cordoba: where to eat in Cordoba as a local

We frequently receive emails asking us where to eat in Cordoba or which are the best restaurants in Cordoba Old Town. All of them are quite reasonable questions, so we have decided to share with you the best places to eat in Cordoba ūüôā¬†

Cordoba is a hidden culinary gem in Spain. Throughout the centuries, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians left their legacy in the city (culture, traditions, architecture, etc.). 

The result of this melting pot is a cuisine that blends the best of western and eastern cultures. For example, the Arabic influence is quite evident in pastry; the Romans turned the olive oil produced in Cordoba into one of the most appreciated products of the Empire; or the high consumption of pork meat reflects the Christianization of the city in the 13th century.

The top 3 must-try typical foods in Cordoba are oxtail, salmorejo and flamenquín. Practically all the taverns and restaurants in Cordoba offer these local specialities. 

Best restaurants in cordoba
Best restaurants in Cordoba - Salmorejo is a cold soup consisting of tomato and bread, originating from Cordoba. The salmorejo is usually accompanied with jamon chunks and hard-boiled egg | Photo credits:

Where to Eat in Cordoba

Having a restaurant in Cordoba is a profitable business; locals love to eat out, and on weekends tourists try desperately to get a table. That’s why the number of restaurants in the last years has¬†skyrocketed.

However, you have to be careful when choosing restaurant, otherwise you are more likely to find tourist traps and overpriced restaurants than genuine local restaurants.

Here is our pick of the best restaurants and bars in Cordoba for lunch, dinner, and tapas.

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Best Budget Restaurants in Cordoba

Average price of a complete meal ‚Äďstarters, main dish and dessert- from ‚ā¨15 to ‚ā¨25.

Casa Rubio

Casa Rubio, founded in 1920, is a wonderful option to enjoy local food. On the ground floor there is a bar, which is great to have some Andalusian ‚Äútapas‚ÄĚ such as fried fish, Iberic ham or croquettes.

The more formal restaurant upstairs offers exquisite traditional food and enviable views of the old city wall. We love the delicious and surprising combination of Sephardic (old Hispanic Jews) and Andalusian cuisine.  

Casa Rubio
Average price: bar from 15‚ā¨ | restaurant 25-30‚ā¨
Address: Puerta Almodovar, 5

Sociedad Plateros

Traditional ‚Äútapas‚ÄĚ served in a unique atmosphere. Sociedad Plateros is one of the oldest taverns in Cordoba (1872).

For a long time, this area of the city was occupied by the guild of silversmiths, ‚Äúplateros‚ÄĚ in Spanish. This tavern was founded by the local silversmiths to donate part¬†of the restaurant’s¬†profits for those silversmiths who had to shut down their business.

The only downside is that this restaurant is a bit far from the historic center (20-25 minutes walking). Despite this drawback, it is well worth a visit. Restaurant specialties: croquettes, cod and salmorejo.

Sociedad Plateros
Average price: 15-20‚ā¨
Address: Calle María Auxiliadora, 25

La Viuda

La Viuda is, without a doubt, one of our favorite restaurants in the Old Town. The philosophy of the restaurant is clear: tradition and good local products.

Specialties: fried eggplant sticks with honey, salmorejo, scrambled eggs with cod, and flamenquines stuffed with artisan cheese.

La Viuda
Average Price:
Calle San Basilio 52

Cordoba best restaurants
Best restaurants in Cordoba - La Viuda Restaurant. In our opinion, one of the restaurants with the best value for money in Cordoba | Photo credits:

Taberna San Miguel ‚Äď Casa El Pisto

Keep your appetite for a 1880 tavern. Casa El Pisto is hugely popular with locals and visitors alike. Among the restaurant’s specialties, you cannot miss salmorejo, which is the¬†restaurant’s top¬†seller. Absolutely delicious.

Restaurant’s interior design will amaze you; you will find old photos of Cordoba, traditional flamenco hats, vintage flamenco posters, photos of local famous bullfighters, etc.

San Miguel ‚Äď Casa El Pisto
Average Price:
Address: Plaza San Miguel 1

Restaurante Montevideo

This is one of those restaurants that only a local can recommend you.

If you like meat, this is your place in Cordoba. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the 3 best restaurants in the city to eat grilled meat: T-bone, Tomahawk, Riber Eye, etc. Honestly, it is difficult to find a meat restaurant with a better value for money in Cordoba.

The owner of the restaurant is originally from Uruguay, where they are true experts in preparing meat.

The restaurant is located in a popular neighborhood called Levante, which is quite far from the center. If you take a taxi from the historic center, it will take about 15-20 minutes.

Restaurante Montevideo
Average Price: 20-25‚ā¨
Address: Avenida Carlos III, 42

Mesón San Basilio

This charming tavern is located just five minutes walking from the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs. Therefore, it is an ideal place to eat after a long day of sightseeing. Despite being located in a very touristy area, San Basilio is a excellent value for money tavern.

Besides the delicious food, the tavern has a traditional Andalusian patio that will make you feel the true atmosphere of old Arab houses. We recommend you take a glass of Moriles Montilla wine, excellent wine produced in Cordoba.

Specialties: oxtail, salmorejo and fried eggplants with honey.

Mesón San Basilio
Average Price:
Address: Calle San Basilio 19

Cordoba Best restaurant to eat
Best restaurants in Cordoba - Mesón San Basilio is located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, very close to all main attractions of the city | Photo credits: Facebook

Restaurante Qurtubah (Arab Restaurant)

Qurtubah is the name that the Muslims gave to Cordoba in Middle Ages. Shortly after the arrival of the Muslims, Cordoba became one of the most important cities in Europe.

After 500 years of Muslim occupation, this restaurant connects Cordoba with the traditional food of North Africa and the Middle East, the place of origin of the first Muslims who arrived in Cordoba in the 8th century.

Some of the specialties of this restaurant are hummus, falafel (spiced mashed chickpeas formed into balls) or the traditional Shawarma (lamb meat roasted and served on a pita bread).

Restaurante Qurtubah
Average Price: 20-25‚ā¨
Address: Calle Cespedes, 8

Taberna el N√ļmero 10

Perfect place to have tapas and enjoy excellent local wines (Montilla Moriles).

Without a doubt, one of the strengths of this tavern is its excellent location, 5 minutes walk from the Mosque-Cathedral.

Interior decoration is charming and cozy. Despite being small, we love the huge wine barrels that decorate the restaurant.

Taberna el n¬ļ 10¬†
Average Price: 20‚ā¨
Address: Calle Romero, 10

La Victoria Market

In recent years, gourmet markets have become trendy in Spain and, of course, Cordoba is no exception. La Victoria Market opened in 2013 and consists of 21 stalls, ranging from traditional food to Japanese or Italian cuisine.

The market is dotted with tables and stools, allowing customers collect food from the stalls and sit down. Among all the stalls, we recommend La Croqueteria (croquettes), La Tranquera (Argentine meat), and La Salmoreteca (salmorejo).

La Victoria Market is open all day, seven days a week. 

La Victoria Market
Average Price:
from 15‚ā¨
Address: Paseo de la Victoria s/n

best places to eat in Cordoba
Best restaurants in Cordoba - People sitting on the outside terrace of La Victoria Market | Photo credits:

El Bar de Paco Morales

The renowned Chef Paco Morales (2 Michelin Stars) has recently opened a bar where he offers dishes for a wider public and, of course, at a cheaper price than in his other restaurant in the city (Restaurant Noor).

Despite being a popular bar, Chef Paco Morales offers traditional dishes with an innovative touch.

The selection of dishes is a bit small. But it is really worth trying some of the bar specialties such as croquettes or flamenquín.

El Bar de Paco Morales
Average Price: 20-25‚ā¨¬†
Address: Avenida Ronda de los Tejares, 16 (Pasaje Rumasa)

Casa Mazal

What better way to immerse ourselves in the history of Cordoba than through its food?

Casa Mazal combines the Sephardic (Jews expelled from Spain in 1492) and Andalusí (Muslims who lived in Andalucia during the Islamic period) traditions, creating a unique gastronomic experience in the city.

Falafel, hummus, lamb or raisins, each dish is a culinary journey to the spirit of Mediteranean culture.

Of course, the menu is adapted to the precepts of the Jewish religion – no dish includes pork or any ingredient restricted by Jewish tradition-.

Casa Mazal
Average Price: 20-25‚ā¨
Address: Calle Tomas Conde 3


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Cordoba Mid Range Restaurants

Average price of a complete meal ‚Äďstarters, main dish and dessert- from ‚ā¨25 to ‚ā¨50.

Bodegas Campos

Do you want your dinner to be perfect? Bodegas Campos is one of your best options in Cordoba: classic dishes with a modern twist, high-quality ingredients, and excellent service.

Bodegas Campos opened in 1908 and since then this restaurant has become a gastronomic symbol in the city. Actually, Bodegas Campos is frequented by celebrities (actors, politicians, football players, etc.) when they visit Cordoba. Do not miss the wine barrels that line the rooms, as they are signed by celebrities who have dined here, including King of Spain, Tony Blair, or the Duchess of Alba.

Bodegas Campos
Average price: 40-45‚ā¨
Calle Los Lineros, 32

Casa Pepe de la Juderia

In Casa Pepe La Juderia you can try excellent local foods. They prepare mouthwatering fried eggplant sticks with honey, which is an Arabic-inspired dish. Sturgeon and Sephardic Lamb are also some of the restaurant’s specialties.¬†

On the top floor, there is a spectacular terrace that offers incredible views of the Cathedral bell tower. Absolutely unmissable!

Casa Pepe La Judería

Average price:
Adress: Calle Romero 1

The best restaurants in Cordoba
Best restaurants in Cordoba - Casa Pepe La Juderia | Image credits: Facebook

La Cuchara de San Lorenzo

It was 2006 when two brothers (Narciso and Paco) decided to open this wonderful restaurant in the picturesque San Lorenzo neighborhood, named after the beautiful church of San Lorenzo, which was built in the 13th century.

Today it is one of the best-rated restaurants in Cordoba, even it was included in the prestigious Michelin Guide which selects the best restaurants all around the world.

At La Cuchara de San Lorenzo you can try local traditional dishes such as salmorejo, flamenquín or oxtail. A tribute to local cuisine.

However, despite being a small family restaurant, the main chef, Paco López, adds innovative and creative touches to his dishes, which makes this restaurant even more interesting.

La Cuchara de San Lorenzo
Average price: 30-40‚ā¨
Address: Calle Arroyo de San Lorenzo, 2 


An unpretentious restaurant with local dishes and traditional stews adapted to the new times. Excellent service. Without a doubt, a highly recommended restaurant.

It is difficult to find anything negative about Envero. The only downside to this restaurant is that it is somewhat far from the center, so you will have to take a taxi. However, the experience is really worth it.

Envero was awarded the Bib Gourmand Award from the Michelin Guide

Average Price: 25-35‚ā¨
Address: Calle Teruel, 21

El Churrasco

Wonderful restaurant located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, a neighborhood full of history and legends.

This restaurant is a great option if you like meat. El Churrasco offers an excellent selection of fire-cooked meats (holm oak wood). But not everything is meat. You can also find delicious starters, tapas, and fish. Olive oil is another key factor in this restaurant too; they offer an incredible variety of olive oils produced in Andalusia.

El Churrasco
Average Price:
Address: Calle Romero 16

Where to eat in Cordoba El Churrasco
Best restaurants in Cordoba - Artisan Toasts in El Churrasco. In addition to the great restaurant, there is a bar where you can taste delicious tapas | Image credits: Facebook

Taberna de Almodóvar

Founded in 1977, Taberna de Almodóvar offers classic and traditional dishes. Among the most sought-after dishes in the restaurant are beef tripe, croquettes and Mazamorra de Almodóvar (bread and almond cold soup).

Excellent, helpulf and efficient service.

Taberna de Almodóvar restaurant has been certified by Bib Gourmand (Michelin Guide), which includes the restaurants with the best value for money in each city.

Taberna Almodóvar 
Average Price: 25-30‚ā¨
Address: Calle Benito Perez Galdós, 1

Exclusive Restaurants in Cordoba

Average price of a complete meal ‚Äďstarters, main dish and dessert- more than ‚ā¨50.

Restaurante Choco (1 Michelin Star)

The humble Fuensanta neighborhood hides one of the most exclusive modern restaurants in Cordoba. Owned by the family García, the young Chef Kisko (one Michelin Star) performs innovative cuisine that blends traditional and modern flavors.

The restaurant offers both a seasonal menu and a tasting menu. If you opt for one of their tasting menus, the experience lasts for approximately 3 hours!! Don’t turn up without a reservation, it is almost impossible to find a table.

Restaurante Choco

Average price:
Address: Calle Compositor Serrano Lucena, 14

best restaurants in cordoba
Best restaurants in Cordoba - Kisko, chef and owner of the Choco restaurant which is awarded one Michelin Star | Photo credits:

Noor Restaurant (2 Michelin Stars)

Without any doubt, this is the most exclusive restaurant in the city and one of the most fascinating gastronomic experiences in Spain.

Awarded 2 Michelin stars, chef Paco Morales offers creative cuisine inspired by Al-Andalus (Spain under Muslim rule). Behind each dish there is a deep analysis and research to reproduce the flavors of the Islamic period in Cordoba (711-1236).

Paco Morales follows a golden rule in all his preparations: do not use products that arrived in Europe after the conquest of America in 1492. Therefore, products such as tomato, potato, chocolate or pumpkin are excluded in this restaurant.

The decoration of the restaurant, crockery, cutlery is perfectly designed to make you feel like a trip back in time to Al-Andalus.

Restaurante Noor
Average Price: Tasting menu from ‚ā¨130¬†
Address: Calle Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 6

El Caballo Rojo

In the heart of the Old Town, this is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Andalucia. Over the years El Caballo Rojo has served an illustrious clientele: Jimmy Carter, Jennifer Anniston, Harrison Ford, Boris Yeltsin, the Princes of Japan, etc.

The restaurant is located just in front of the Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, which contributes to creating a magical atmosphere. Specialties: roast lamb with honey, and oxtail.

El Caballo Rojo
Average Price:
Calle Cardenal Herrero 28

where to eat in Cordoba Caballo Rojo
Best restaurants in Cordoba - El Caballo Rojo has been for many years the most exclusive restaurant in the city. Today the culinary scene of the city has changed and El Caballo Rojo has to face strong competitors | Image credits: Facebook

Gluten Free Restaurants in Cordoba

Fortunately, more and more restaurants in Cordoba are adapting to include gluten-free menus.

The Celiac Association of Cordoba certifies those restaurants that meet the requirements to offer gluten free options on their menus. 

Among the restaurants with gluten free options, we recommend:

  • Sociedad Plateros
  • Amaltea
  • Envero
  • Casa Rubio
  • Bodegas Campos


Opened in 2018, Sensibles is a  wonderful gluten-free bakery and patisserie, located very close to Tendillas Square. 

¬†They produce¬†a large range of¬†daily fresh breads, cupcakes, and cakes. Don’t miss the delicious sweet and savory crepes. You can even choose the type of flour you prefer: buckwheat, coconut, rice or corn.¬†

Address: √Āngel de Saveedra, 2

Vegetarian Restaurants in Cordoba

Spain is a fundamentally carnivorous country. We love meat, and especially pork.

Therefore, it is really difficult to be a vegetarian in Spain. Supermarkets do not have many vegetarian options, and there are not many restaurants whose menus include vegetarian dishes.

In large Spanish cities such as Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona this trend is changing, and it is easier to find vegetarian options. However, in medium-sized cities like Cordoba it is still quite difficult to be vegetarian.

Restaurante Amaltea

Amaltea is one of the very few vegetarian options in the historic center of Cordoba. But fortunately, it is one of the top-rated vegetarian food restaurants on Google and Tripadvisor.

The restaurant offers all kinds of vegetarian dishes: from hummus or salmorejo to couscous or delicious salads. If your partner is not a vegetarian, don’t worry, they also offer some meat dishes.

The interior decor is cheerful and colorful, and the staff charming!

Restaurante Amaltea
Average Price: 20‚ā¨
Address: Ronda de Isasa, 10

vegetarian restaurants in cordoba
Best restaurants in Cordoba - Amaltea is an excellent choice for vegetarians in a city where there aren't too many vegetarian options available | Image credits: Photography RebeccArias (Facebook)

Restaurants in Cordoba With Vegetarian Options

As you may have noticed, the offer of vegetarian restaurants in Cordoba is not very large.

Don’t panic yet, some traditional restaurants include vegetarian options on their menus:

  • Restaurante Casa Rubio
  • Sociedad Plateros
  • La Viuda
  • Bodegas Campos
  • El Caballo Rojo
  • Restaurante Qurtubah

If you want to make sure if a dish does not have meat and the waiter does not speak English, it is time to use your Spanish to make you understand.

We share with you some phrases that will help you say that you don’t eat meat without hurt feelings ūüôā¬†

-“¬ŅEste plato lleva carne?”¬† (Does this dish contain meat?)

-“Soy vegetariano” (I am vegetarian)¬†

-“Yo no como carne”¬† (I don’t eat meat)

Halal Restaurants in Cordoba

The rise of Muslim tourism in Cordoba in recent years has led to the emergence of all kinds of businesses to meet the demands of these clients. 

The top-rated halal restaurants in Cordoba are: 

  • Petra: Calleja de la Hoguera, 3 (average price: 15-20‚ā¨)
  • Qurtubah: Calle C√©spedes 8 (average price 20-25‚ā¨)
  • Damasquino: Calle Lucano 19 (average price: 20‚ā¨)
  • Bocaito Andalus√≠: Mercado de La Victoria (average price: 20‚ā¨)¬†
  • Sal√≥n de T√©: Calle Buen Pastor 13 (average price 20‚ā¨)

We hope this post helps you enjoy the excellent local cuisine of Cordoba. Enjoy!!

For any doubts, queries or suggestions, please write us! We will be happy¬†to¬†hear¬†from¬†you¬†and answer¬†any questions you may have. ūüôā