Caliphal Baths in Cordoba

Perhaps, the Caliphal Baths in Cordoba are not one of the most popular monuments. But believe us, you can’t miss this place.

Ablution or body cleansing was an essential part of Muslim life. We could even say that it was a social ritual. During this rite, men chatted and discussed political, economic and religion issues.

These baths, the most important in Cordoba, were part of the ancient Muslim Alcazar (official residence of the Caliph) which unfortunately was destroyed at the end of the Caliphate (1031).

caliphal baths in cordoba
Caliphal Baths in Cordoba - The Muslims built Arab baths in Cordoba throughout the city, which were frequented by people of all social classes. | Image credit:

Despite being a place designed for relaxation, the Caliphal Baths witnessed a violent event that changed the history of Cordoba. In the year 1018, the Caliph of Cordoba, Ali Ibn Hammud, was assassinated by three of his slaves while taking a bath in these rooms. During the visit you will be able to admire the room where this tragic event took place.

Visit the Caliphal Baths in Cordoba

This type of baths had a very particular design: cold water room, warm water room and hot water room. All of them articulated through a complicated system of pipes and boilers. Without a doubt, a enormously advanced system for that time.

According to experts, the contrast of temperatures between one room and another was beneficial for the circulatory system.

Caliphal Baths Cordoba
Caliphal Baths in Cordoba - Interior of one of the rooms of the Caliphal Baths in Cordoba. Incredibly, after more than 1,000 years, they still retain part of their original structure | Image credit:
Cordoba Caliphal Baths
Caliphal Baths in Cordoba - Some rooms even retain the original floor | Image credit:

During the visit, you will discover the different rooms of the complex and learn how they worked. Today it may seem like a simple thing to an engineer, but at that time it was something really sophisticated. This knowledge reflects the high degree of refinement that the Muslims reached in Cordoba.

Each room has explanatory panels, which makes the visit even more interesting.

If you are interested in knowing more about the history of the Caliphate, within the Baths you can watch an interesting documentary about the history of the Muslim Cordoba.


Many people confuse the Caliphal Baths (historic site) with the two Arab Baths (Hammam Al Andalus and Baños Arabes de Cordoba) located in the historic center of Cordoba. 

Arab Baths are modern spas that recreate the aesthetics of the Middle Ages, and where you can take a bath or a massage, and feel like a Caliph for a day. 

Useful Information: Caliphal Baths in Cordoba

Opening Hours

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Sun and bank holidays from 8:30am to 2:30pm

June 16 to September 15

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IMPORTANT! January 1, January 6, May 1, December 24, December 25 and December 31 the complex of Caliphal Baths will be closed


Plaza Campo Santo de los Mártires, s/n. (Old Town Cordoba)

Built in:

8th century (Muslim period)

Tickets :

General: 2,50€

Students under 26 y.o.: €1,25

Free Admission
Children under 13
Thursday from 6pm to closing time

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