Cordoba Equestrian Show with Andalusian horses

There are many things Andalucia is famous, but what makes it really special and famous worldwide is the Andalusian Horse: pure Spanish Thoroughbred!

This unique breed was born exactly in Cordoba and exactly at the same place today you can enjoy all the beauty and grace of this Andalusian horse in a magical atmosphere: in the Royal Stables of Cordoba, created in 16th century by a Royal order of the King Philipp II. However, at this same place were located before the stables during Cordoba Caliphate times. Even though the construction suffered a fire and complete recosnstructionm the spirit of care, love and admiration for the horeses is still here!

The show combines flamenco, Andalusian horse riding elements, beautiful dresses, hand- work. It is so much worth a visit!

How to visit the Royal Stables of Cordoba

You may enter to visit the Cordoba Royal Stables without ashow tickets.However you will still see the stables, the training ground and maybe some horses. So we do highly recommend you to buy your tickets in advance.

Cordoba Equestrian show tickets

The Equestrian show is called “Pasion y duende del caballo andaluz” (“Passion and duende of the Andalusian horse”) and lasts 1 hour.

The show runs Wednesday- Saturday at 21:00. 

The prices start from €16,50.

Reviews and opinions of the Cordoba Equestrian Show

Equestrian treat
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This show is a must see. The royal stables are very impressive but the horsemanship is wonderful to behold. Seating is in the shade & offers great views. Entrance fee is just 15 euros for a 1 hour show.
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Had an amazing evening at the Royal Stables. Riders and horses were superb - they made it look effortless but obviously training and expertise combine to produce this fabulous show of horseman ship. Highly recommend. Book tickets early.