Tendillas Square in Cordoba

Plaza de las Tendillas is one of the most popular squares in Cordoba. We could consider this square the epicenter of modern Cordoba and one of the most expensive and exclusive areas of the city.

In other words, Plaza de las Tendillas is the “Times Square of Cordoba”. In fact, the locals celebrate New Year’s Eve in this square as well.  

All in all, if you are visiting Cordoba for several days, this part of the city is really interesting.

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Why is Tendillas Square important?

During the 17th and 18th centuries this part of the city was not very busy. In fact, the nearby Corredera Square was much more important than Tendillas Square.

However, throughout the 19th and 20th centuries the city’s economy changed (thanks in part to the arrival of the railroad) and this part of the city gained prominence; elegant buildings were constructed, and banks and insurance companies opened offices in this part of the city.

In 1870 the Hotel Suizo was inaugurated. This hotel, demolished in 1923, was the first luxury hotel in the city and hosted businessmen and politicians when they visited Cordoba.

Today Plaza de las Tendillas has become a meeting point and epicenter of the Cordoba of the twentieth and twenty-first century. From the Plaza de las Tendillas depart some of the most commercial – and expensive – streets of the city such as Calle Cruz Conde or Gondomar.

Tendillas Square in Cordoba
Tendillas Square during the Festival of the May Crosses | Image credit: travelcordoba.com

Where is Tendillas Square in Cordoba?

Plaza de las Tendillas is located located a stone’s throw from the historic center of Cordoba, very close to Corredera Square and 10 minutes’ walk from the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

What to see in Plaza de las Tendillas

Besides being a tourist spot, Plaza de las Tendillas is also a popular meeting spot for locals, and home to several restaurants, cafes, and shops. During the tourist season there are also musicians playing in the square.

On weekends, the cafes and restaurants fill up with locals and tourists, making Plaza de las Tendillas a lively place to be.

“Flamenco Clock” Tendillas Square

Cordoba can boast of having the only clock in the world that marks the hours with flamenco music. Specifically, with the chords of a flamenco guitar.

This unique clock, inaugurated in June 1960, was an idea of Philips, the popular Dutch company, who offered the clock in exchange for advertising.

But if this clock is famous in Cordoba, it is because it marks the beginning of the new year. Every New Year’s Eve thousands of people gather in this square to celebrate and take the famous twelve grapes of luck. (Don’t you know what the celebration of the 12 lucky grapes consists of? Click here)


Equestrian Statue of the Great Captain

The Plaza de las Tendillas is presided over by an equestrian statue of the Great Captain (Gran Capitan in Spanish).

The Great Captain was born in Cordoba in the 14th century and became an important military man in the service of the Catholic Monarchs.

Among his numerous military exploits, the conquest of Granada against the Muslims, or his participation in the War of Naples against the French stand out.

Want to know more about the Great Captain? Visit our section of local historical figures [click here].

Tendillas Square statue The Great Captain
Equestrian statue of the Great Captain in Tendillas Square | Image credit: travelcordoba.com


In one of the last renovations of the square, 16 water jet fountains were installed.

These fountains propel water alternately, creating a beautiful effect. It is also great fun for the little ones, who sometimes get caught in the jets of water.

“In Tendillas Square was inaugurated the first Starbucks in the city in 2018”.

Building of La Unión y el Fénix

Undoubtedly the most elegant building in Tendillas Square is the building of La Union y el Fenix (The Union and the Phoenix Bird).

This building was built in 1927 for the emblematic insurance company “La Union y el Fenix”, one of the main insurance companies in Spain at the time.

The building has 5 floors and is crowned by a sculpture with the Phoenix Bird and a human figure, symbols of the insurance company. 

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) sirens were installed in this building to warn the population of imminent bombing. In this way the locals could seek shelter.

Tendillas Square Cordoba
Tendillas Square in Cordoba | Building of La Union y el Fenix | Image credit: Olivier Bruchez, Wikipedia (License C.C.)

Is Tendillas Square a safe place?

There is no need to worry about your safety when visiting Tendillas Square and the surrounding streets. This part of the city is well-lit and there is always a large police presence and security cameras.

You just have to take the basic precautions of any tourist city. During the high season the presence of pickpockets increases. For the rest, Cordoba is a very safe city.

What to visit and do near Tendillas Square

-Temple of Claudius Marcellus (Roman Temple)

This incredible temple is located between Claudio Marcelo and Capitulares streets, pretty close to Tendillas Square.  

During the first century Cordoba reached great splendor and wealth, became one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire.  

In this context of economic bonanza, the Temple of Claudius Marcellus was built, creating great expectation in the region. The best artists of the time took part in its construction, turning the building into one of the most beautiful of the Roman Empire in Spain.

Practically, the whole construction was made of marble which gives us an idea of the enormous weight that had to endure the foundations of the temple. Lamentably, only certain specific parts remain from the original building (the steps, altar, shafts of the columns, foundations, and some capitals). Click the link to read more about this Roman Temple

Roman Temple near tendillas square
Roman Temple Claudius Marcellus | Image credit: travelcordoba.com

-Corredera Square

This beautiful baroque square was built in the 17th century.

During this time there were no stadiums or even bullrings. Therefore, this square served as a large public space where all the major events of the city took place, from important religious ceremonies or public executions to bullfights.

Although the Plaza de las Tendillas has eclipsed the importance of Corredera Square, this square is still one of the most visited places in the city.

Click here to learn more about Corredera Square

-Cruz Conde Street

Without any doubt, this street is one of the most commercial and exclusive in the city. In fact, the rent per square meter in this street is one of the most expensive in Andalucia.

The street is named after the Mayor of Cordoba Cruz Conde (1878-1939) who inaugurated this street in 1924. The construction of this street allowed a more fluid communication between the Plaza de las Tendillas and the Avenue Ronda de los Tejares, one of the most important of the city.

In 2011, the street was pedestrianized, which increased rents and attracted major fashion stores (Pedro del Hierro, Levi’s, Springfield, Pronovias, etc.).

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