TOP-10 ATTRACTIONS in cordoba

Built in the 14th century, from this impressive fortress the Catholic Monarchs ruled Spain for 8 years and oversaw the Christian conquest of Granada. [Click to read more]

Located in the heart of  city, this huge square was used for for all kinds of public events: religious masses, food market, and even executions. [Click to read more]

This sumptuous palace is located on the outskirts of the city. From Medina Azahara the Caliph ruled the Muslim Spain. [Click to read more]

Defensive system composed of 3 imposing towers. This defensive system allowed to control the Guadalquivir river and the access to the city. [Click to read more]

One of the symbols of the city, this bridge was built in the 1st century AD by Roman engineers and is still standing today. [Click to read more]

Visit one of the greatest examples of Islamic architecture in the world, The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. [Click to read more]

Narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. The perfect place to get lost discover the history of the Jewish people in Cordoba . [Click to read more]

Built by the almighty King Felipe II, the Royal Stables of Cordoba were fundamental for the appearance of the Spanish thoroughbred horse. [Click to read more]

Charming square located very close to the Mosque of Cordoba. This square is also home to several very interesting museums and the Flamenco Cultural Center. [Click to read more]

The Caliphate Baths were reserved exclusively for the high society of the city during the Muslim period. [Click to read more]

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