Malmuerta Tower in Cordoba

The Torre de la Malmuerta is not well known to tourists. However, it is one of the most popular places among the locals.

Without a doubt, this defensive tower is one of the best examples of medieval Christian architecture that you will find in Cordoba.

Malmuerta in Spanish means “wrongly dead woman“. Why such a mysterious name? What happened in this place?

If you are one of those who still don’t know the history of the incredible Malmuerta Tower in Cordoba, don’t miss this post!

Why was the Malmuerta Tower built?

In the 15th century it was very important for cities to have walls. This allowed the authorities protect the city against a possible attack.

In addition to protecting the city, these walls also functioned as a kind of customs house, allowing the traffic of goods and the collection of taxes to be controlled.

Although it may seem hard to believe, in the 15th century this area of Cordoba was the outskirts of the city. Therefore, the authorities of the time, by order of the King of Castile Enrique III, decided to build this tower.

Over the centuries the Malmuerta Tower lost its defensive function and was used as a prison for nobles. In the 18th century the tower was even used as an astronomical observatory since it was one of the highest places in the city. 

Malmuerta Tower in Cordoba
Malmuerta Tower in Cordoba | Image credits: Luis Rogelio HM (Wikipedia / C.C.)

Why is it called Malmuerta Tower?

Malmuerta means in Spanish “wrongly dead woman”. The origin of this name is due to a legend that dates back to the 12th century.

A nobleman who lived in Cordoba mistakenly believed that his wife was an adulteress. Mad with jealousy, he stabbed his wife and her alleged lover to death.

Shortly after, the nobleman realized his terrible mistake and asked for forgiveness from the King of Castile himself who ordered him to build this tower.

This legend does not seem to be true according to historians. However, it is wildly popular with locals.

Is it possible to visit the Malmuerta Tower?

You can only visit the Malmuerta Tower from the outside. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the inside of the tower.

Nevertheless, it is really interesting to have a close look at this impressive tower in the heart of the modern center of Cordoba.

Construction of the Malmuerta Tower in Cordoba

The construction of the Torre de la Malmuerta began in 1404 and was completed in 1408.

The architects decided to attach the tower to the city wall through an arch. In fact, on one of the sides of the arch you can still see an inscription, almost erased, placed in 1408 and the coat of arms of King Enrique III.

A staircase leads to the top of the tower.

Do not miss the arrow slits through which, as in medieval castles, soldiers could shoot arrows at enemies.

In the video below you can see a 3D recreation of the Malmuerta Tower ⬇️

Legend of the hidden treasure

Another popular legend says that under the tower there is a buried treasure of incalculable worth which includes gold coins, Muslim jewelry, precious stones, etc.

According to the legend, if a horseman gallops through the arch and is able to read the complete inscription that was placed at the tower’s inauguration (year 1408), the Malmuerta tower will collapse and the treasure will be revealed.

Since its inauguration, many have tried, but no one has succeeded. Maybe it is worth renting a horse and try it 😊


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What to visit and do near Malmuerta Tower

The Malmuerta Tower is located in the modern center of Cordoba. Most of the buildings around it are from the 20th century.

However, near Malmuerta Tower there are some interesting places like Columbus Park, a dreamy oasis in the middle of the city, full of trees and fountains.

Just 250 meters from the Malmuerta Tower you can also visit the beautiful Palacio de la Merced, a former convent of the eighteenth century that now houses government offices of the province of Cordoba (Diputación de Cordoba).

Other interesting places to visit near the Malmuerta Tower are:

-The Christ of the Lanterns, a famous sculpture from the 18th century and very popular in Cordoba as many locals come to pray and deposit flowers and candles as offerings.

-Sculpture of Seneca (philosopher and politician of ancient Rome born in Cordoba) and the Roman emperor Neron.

Finally, if you are interested in shopping in Cordoba, this area of the city is perfect. Very close to the Malmuerta Tower are located the streets Cruz Conde and Ronda de los Tejares which are lined with stores of all kinds, including a 7-story building of El Corte Ingles (the most important department store chain in Spain).

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